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365 Dni Will Likely Get A Sequel, And Here’s Why

365 Days, a Polish erotic drama which admirers claim makes Fifty Shades of Grey look like a family members helpful working experience, could be getting a sequel. Although neither Netflix – who distributes the pic to North American audiences – nor Following Film, the European output business that created it, has verified a stick to-up, the sheer results of 365 Days suggests it’s only a subject of time just before this darkish however sensual storyline will be ongoing in the long run.

For reference, 365 Days – or 365 Dni, as it is acknowledged to Polish audiences – follows the misfortune of a businesswoman who, when holidaying in the Mediterranean, finds herself kidnapped and turned into the sex slave of an intense and scary mob boss. When compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, in which the sexual relations involving a CEO and his assistant are portrayed as at minimum fairly consensual, 365 Dni provides the earth of human trafficking in a significantly extra unapologetic, vulgar light-weight – 1 that many men and women, odd as it is, obtain charming.

Though the film has only been on Netflix for a short interval of time, it is brought about rather the stir. Its graphic written content, unrestricted by European legal guidelines as properly as the continent’s nonexistent puritan tradition, exceeds that of any other movie or Tv exhibit presently obtainable in the streamer’s library.

365 Dni

Specified the wicked character of person, it is most likely no surprise to uncover that 365 Days conquered alone a location as Netflix’s most-watched bit of articles, and held on to it for rather some time at that.

But the sheer reputation of the movie is not the only indicator that a sequel could be designed. Perhaps the major giveaway is the simple fact that it, not contrary to the Fifty Shades series, is also based mostly on a trilogy of guides. Written by Blanka Lipinska, the sequel novels, titled 10 dzien and Kolejne 365 dni, have presently been posted and provide the tale of this twisted partnership to its conclusion.

Convey to us, although, would you like to see them make a sequel to 365 Times? Let us know in the comments segment beneath.

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